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Welcome to the land of Pintxos

30 Jun

We have landed in San Sebastian – a food lover’s paradise and one of the most beautiful places on earth with its gorgeous beaches on the Bay of Biscay.

San Seb. is home of the pintxo – a basque word for a small literally two bite meal. Continue reading


Guggenheim & Ysios – Architour

30 Jun

I’ve wanted to come to the Guggenheim for about 10 years now. Although I’ve been in Spain quite a few times in that period, for whatever reason, it has not worked out so I’m thrilled that we are finally going. Continue reading

Come on over to my friend Frank’s…

29 Jun

On the Road Again

It’s Tuesday. We left Barcelona yesterday and now find ourselves in Marqués de Riscal, near the small town of El Ciego. For those of you who have not heard, Frank Gehry designed a small hotel here. Even if you aren’t an architecture fan, you may have seen it if you followed On the Road Again, on PBS. So this is somewhat of a ‘station of the cross’ on our way to the Guggeheim in Bilbao. For me it’s a definite Pilgrimage having been a Frank Gehry fan for some time. Continue reading

La Pedrera

29 Jun

We are leaving for Barcelona this morning so I’m up early – 7:30. The streets are quiet, so I wander around a bit and take a few pics of the Pedrera, or as it is also known, Casa Millá. It opens at 9 so I decide to change my initial plan of bocadillo de jamón and slip in early before the people hit. Continue reading

I am in love…

27 Jun

with a ham sandwich. At Bar Costa Gallega on the Passeig de Gracia. It was my first meal in Barcelona. A gorgeous, greasy, jamón serrano bocadito (mini sandwich) with crusty, bread and a good slather of tomato and olive oil in the Catalan style. Paired with a deliciously smooth cafe con leche this is the taste of Spain, the taste of my childhood. I am in heaven. Continue reading

Please lower your tray tables

25 Jun

So day one of the holiday and I’m now under serious pressure to produce a post given that I have told scores of people of my intention to write a fabulous, hilarious and utterly compelling food blog. Continue reading

mmmhhh…uh…hello there..

18 Jun

I really am wondering about all this blogging stuff…I mean is this a path I really want to go down?  Spilling my guts all over the internet. Does anyone care? What will I write about? Continue reading

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