La Pedrera

29 Jun

We are leaving for Barcelona this morning so I’m up early – 7:30. The streets are quiet, so I wander around a bit and take a few pics of the Pedrera, or as it is also known, Casa Millá. It opens at 9 so I decide to change my initial plan of bocadillo de jamón and slip in early before the people hit. What a treat! Super G and I were the only ones on the Terrace in the morning sun. Every minute since I’ve been here, it appeared to be thronged with people.

Detail from Terrace of La Pedrera


Detail of La Pedrera Terrace

I don’t know a lot about Gaudí, so I’m not going to comment architecturally, other to say that I like what he did and it’s clear to me that he brought nature into everything which his organic shapes. The building is incredible. 5 families actually LIVE here. On the tour, you see the Attic, (my favourite part I think), the terrace and 1 apartment suite (where no-one lives). It’s so much better than seeing a social history exhibit in a museum. You can walk right up to the windows and look at Passeig de Gracia – you really can get the experience of what it might have been to have lived here.

View from apartment of La Pedrera

This was something I didn’t expect I’d have time for so I’m feeling delighted to have seen it and enjoyed it so much!

La Pedrera - seaweed balconies

Casa Milla aka La Pedrera


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