8 Aug

Shortly after we returned from Spain, Super G gave me a gift of Phaidon’s The Book of Tapas, by Ines & Simone Ortega which delighted me to no end.  The photography is beautiful and there are lots of recipes to try out.  You can buy it here.

For my first venture, I decided on meatballs or albóndigas because I thought these could also serve nicely as picnic food, to be warmed up on the barbeque.

So I pretty much did the prep at home and then took them in my fabulous picnic tiffin tin to the picnic site and then warmed them up on the barbeque in a roasting dish.  Worked a treat.  I will try this recipe again although I would probably play with the spice mixture a bit.  For me the seasoning was not adequate. That said, they were even better the second day.

Here’s some shots from the preparation:

Forming the meatballs

Coat each meatball in flour prior to frying

Fry baby, fry.

Set aside in a roasting pan while you make the sauce

Tomato and onion forms the basis of the sauce

And what would Spanish food be without Saffron? Use this to finish off the sauce

Pour the sauce over the meatballs and simmer for 15 minutes


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