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Gregan’s Castle

9 Jun

My current trip to Ireland is winding to an end. It’s been great to spend some time with friends here and visit all the old places. But it’s also been fantastic to find a few new ones as well. Gregan’s Castle Hotel is located near Ballyvaughan in the Burren area of County Clare. Continue reading


Breakfast in Ireland

2 Jun

Here’s the view that greeted me when I woke up from my electric blanket / jet lag induced coma. Yes god bless Ireland and electric blankets. They make everything all right. Continue reading

Sunshine in London

2 Jun

I’m on my way to a friend’s wedding in the west of Ireland. I left Vancouver late yesterday and found myself with about 7 hours to kill in London. Desperately wanting to avoid yet another unnecessary Tie Rack purchase and over indulgence in badly prepared pastries, I escaped Heathrow and headed into Central London on the Heathrow Express to spend a few hours walking around Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens enjoying the beautiful English sunshine.  Yes, sunshine! Continue reading

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