Sunshine in London

2 Jun

I’m on my way to a friend’s wedding in the west of Ireland. I left Vancouver late yesterday and found myself with about 7 hours to kill in London. Desperately wanting to avoid yet another unnecessary Tie Rack purchase and over indulgence in badly prepared pastries, I escaped Heathrow and headed into Central London on the Heathrow Express to spend a few hours walking around Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens enjoying the beautiful English sunshine.  Yes, sunshine!

And of course, I couldn’t resist my childhood favourite, a ‘flake 99’. For the uninitiated, this is an English classic – a soft serve ice cream cone with a chocolate flake stuck into it. I always thought the 99 part referred to the price.  But I’ve been told that’s not the case. And anyway, then it would be a flake 1.65 as of yesterday’s prices.

After a quick cup of tea near Paddington Station it was back to the airport to catch the flight.  I snapped this last shot of a lovely lady in her later years, enjoying a ‘fag’ as they call them here.


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