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Show a little love

19 Jul

Do you follow a bunch of different blogs? Up until very recently I found it difficult to keep track of the many blogs and feeds I  follow. I had a sort of haphazard system but never really committed to one reader. Well I just discovered Bloglovin’ and yep I’m in love. This reader just seems to get me. It is a really easy way to see all the blogs you love (including this one) and is easily installed on all your devices including iPhone and iPad. You can download the app here. You just add the blogs you want to see and they are right there for you once you open the app. And of course – you can follow myendlesspicnic by clicking the Bloglovin’ button in the sidebar.  Check it out and let me know what you think. Are there other readers that you use? Which do you like best?

Cut out Heart Shape Cookies


South Granville Springtime

29 Mar

Here are a few textures from my walkabout today in our beautiful neighbourhood of South Granville. Spring is here.

SouthGranvilleSpringtime. Photography © 2013HelenaMcMurdo

Have a great Easter and long weekend.

SouthGranvilleSpringtime. Photography © 2013 HelenaMcMurdo

Calm Before the Storm?

29 Aug

I just returned from an amazing 13 days in the Maritimes.  As I watch the current pictures on TV about the remnants of Hurricane Irene, it is hard for me to reconcile the images  I’m seeing with what I experienced while we were there. Blue skies Continue reading

Please lower your tray tables

25 Jun

So day one of the holiday and I’m now under serious pressure to produce a post given that I have told scores of people of my intention to write a fabulous, hilarious and utterly compelling food blog. Continue reading

mmmhhh…uh…hello there..

18 Jun

I really am wondering about all this blogging stuff…I mean is this a path I really want to go down?  Spilling my guts all over the internet. Does anyone care? What will I write about? Continue reading

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