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8 Aug

Shortly after we returned from Spain, Super G gave me a gift of Phaidon’s The Book of Tapas, by Ines & Simone Ortega which delighted me to no end.  Continue reading


Campeones España

14 Jul

When we planned our trip to Spain, we weren’t thinking of the World Cup. We picked our return date of July 12th, somewhat randomly.  It was only after I had booked that we realized that the World Cup Final would be on July 11th and that we would be in Madrid and that there was a very good chance that Spain would be in the Final. So from that point, it was very much a case of believe and it will happen. Continue reading

Madrid – Pan de Lujo

10 Jul

Place setting, olive oil & basil

Here are some pictures from our Lunch at Pan de Lujo in Salamanca district. Very cool, oasis like setting. We had a group of 5 and shared a few dishes.  All yummy. An escapist atmosphere out of the hustle and bustle. Continue reading

Taste of Childhood

9 Jul

I love Fanta de Limon. (Lemon Fanta) I’m not sure why we don’t have it in North America. It is the perfect soft drink. For me it’s the taste of childhood – I always preferred it to the ‘Naranja’ or orange variety and there is nothing finer for quenching thirst on a hot summer’s day. And did I mention that it is 37 C today in Madrid.


9 Jul

When I was in Madrid in October, my sister took me to Lavinia. I loved it. So after a fabulous morning at the Prado enjoying all the European Masters, we strolled along the Calle Alfonso XII to the chic shopping area of Salamanca and to Calle Jose Ortega Y Gasset where Lavinia lies. Continue reading

Madrid – Casa Lucas

9 Jul

The main roads in Spain are all measured from the Puerta del Sol in Madrid so we have literally arrived at the epicentre. 440kms from Galicia and we are here! Continue reading


8 Jul

When I was in about grade eight, we had a social studies text book and on the cover was a picture of the aqueduct in Segovia. For some reason, I always imagined it to be out in the country somewhere but the reality is that it sits right inside and is part of the fabric of the city Continue reading

Grandma’s House – Eating & More Eating

8 Jul

Grandma’s house is in the Ancares region of Galicia. This is a relatively unspoiled area of the earth where the people genuinely live off the land. Everyone has their plot of land with cabbages, potatoes, beans and maybe a cow, or some pigs and chickens.  Life is pretty simple here. Continue reading

Getting Behind…

8 Jul

So clearly I’ve been getting behind in my blogging. Somewhere after San Sebastián I lost the plot and got consumed by driving and getting to the next place. Continue reading

More pintxos

3 Jul

Here’s a few shots from our last night in San Sebastian. I am really going to miss this place. Continue reading

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